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The Initiative of Gurukul Wave has been taken to relive the Ancient and Proven India the education system of "Gurukul Sanskriti" once again and India must again use its historical education system to make every Indian Student a responsible, skilled and self - empowered citizen. We, in Gurukul Wave, dream of the day when each student come out of the Education System as a Complete human being. And that day will not be far away, when truly India will be a Superpower Country from its root, i.e. from its every Citizen.

Pre-primary stage is the foundation of child’s knowledge, skills and behavior. At pre schools, children are exposed to basic learning activities that help them to get independent faster and develop their self-help qualities like eating food themselves, dressing up and maintaining cleanliness. The activities help child unfold their talents, enables them to sharpen the mental and physical abilities. Education helps children emotionally, mentally, socially and physically to grasp knowledge easily. A systematic process of preschool education is followed to impart knowledge in the best possible way for better understanding of the young children.

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“Every citizen of india must live a meaningful, happier, confident, empowered and fulfilling life by the means of effective education system.”



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