Playgroup is a great way for your child(ren) to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills...

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When your child is aged three the child may be ready to start a nursery where the child will get different...

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Junior KG

Children have longer attention spans and are able to sit for longer periods of time. They also have more developed in social skills...

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Senior KG

Children has developed a long way till they come to whereby they get the scope in better way of reading, writing...

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Admission Enquiry

A commitment to every citizen towards effective education.

Admission Enquiry

A commitment to every citizen towards effective education.


Admissions for Academic Year 2024-25 have started for CBSE and SSC Board.

Very few Seats are available this year.

Please fill up the Enquiry form on Website and visit the School for Admission Process.

For Job Opportunities, Please fill up the form in the "Career / Jobs" Section of the website. We will send you a WhatsApp message, whenever there are vacancies.

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About Gurukul Wave Pre-Primary School

        The Initiative of Gurukul Wave has been taken to relive the Ancient and Proven India the education system of "Gurukul Sanskriti" once again and India must again use its historical education system to make every Indian Student a responsible, skilled and self - empowered citizen. We, in Gurukul Wave, dream of the day when each student come out of the Education System as a Complete human being. And that day will not be far away, when truly India will be a Superpower Country from its root, i.e. from its every Citizen.

        Pre-primary stage is the foundation of child’s knowledge, skills and behavior. At pre schools, children are exposed to basic learning activities that help them to get independent faster and develop their self-help qualities like eating food themselves, dressing up and maintaining cleanliness. The activities help child unfold their talents, enables them to sharpen the mental and physical abilities. Education helps children emotionally, mentally, socially and physically to grasp knowledge easily. A systematic process of preschool education is followed to impart knowledge in the best possible way for better understanding of the young children.


Mr. Gautam Chaudhari

In 2013, Mr.Gautam Ramakant Chaudhari founded We Wave, Tasty Wave and Creative Wave an Impact Investing Company. Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate Social and Environmental impact alongside a financial return.

He is now the Managing Director of “We Wave Private Limited” and President of “We Wave United Foundation”. He has also co-founded “We Wave Prathama Workgroup”, “Clarus Wave”, “Android Wave” and with his core group members of “We Wave” in 2014.

Now he is the President of “Gurukul Wave Foundation” which started the”Gurukul Wave Pre-Primary School” and “Gurukul Wave International High School”.

In his very successful academic life, he was ranked 1st in Thane District for Maharashtra State Scholarship exam for 4th and 7th standard in 1996 and 1999 respectively. He also became the first Merit Rank Holder from his School Utkarsha Vidyalaya, Virar when he ranked 20th in SSC from Mumbai Board in 2002. He was in Top 10 for Engineering CET from Mumbai board in 2004. He completed his B.E. in Computers from S.P. College, Andheri in 2008. After working for Amdocs, World’s No.1 IT Company in Telecom Sector, for 3.5 years in India, United States, South Africa and Europe, he left his lucrative IT Career in 2012 to start his dream company “We Wave”.

Our Values

“Every citizen of india must live a meaningful, happier, confident, empowered and fulfilling life by the means of effective education system.”

Parents' Reviews

Its a good Pre-Primary School In Virar it has tv screens in each classroom to show stories,poems and many other videos to the students.

All the classrooms have many posters and informative charts and most interesting the classes have whiteboards for children to scribble its a very good idea its nice to have such Preschool In Virar West.

The staff is good teachers are also polite there are aunties to help children its a very safe environment as it also has CCTV in every class its the best Pre School In Virar East and Virar West.

All festivals are celebrated in the school my child knows about festivals and colors and many things thanks to the gurkul wave international school

Many field trips are organized for children they learn and enjoy social environments very well.its the best School In Virar

Good activities are done birthday celebration festival celebration color day very good school for kids.

Many competitions are conducted to encourage the students also they give participation certificates to all its one of the best International Schools In Virar West

Play area is good good amout of toys good school

Syllabus is well formed and taught to students

Well experienced and cooperative staff

Play area is very good many toys are available for students

Many facilities are there Transport facility , CCTV, Tv screen, scribbling boards good school

All festivals are celebrated birthdays are also celebrated color day are also there for children to know more.Its a very good pre primary school in virar east

Teachers teach students through videos and audios that way they learn faster and also remember its a very good way to teach small children.

school take children for field trip and picnics apart from normal school my child loves to go to the school he njoys a lot its a very good school in virar west

Good teachers auties are helpful and help my child in eating tiffin also